Forthcoming Events

Below are details of forthcoming events being held at the Whipple Museum.

Except where stated, all events are free of charge and open to all.

The following events form part of the Festival of Ideas

Richard of Wallingford
Quarter-sized replica of Richard of Wallingford astronomical clock, made by Don Unwin.

Can Machines Think?

Wednesday 18 October, 17:30pm - 18:30pm

Can machines think? Philosopher and cognitive scientist Marta Halina will explore what is unique about the human mind and whether we can build machines that match or exceed our abilities.

Adults. Free but please arrive on time.

Fakes, Mistakes and Mystery at the Whipple

Thursday 19th October, 17.00 - 20.00

A mystery is unfolding... Unravel the network of lies behind a series of forgeries at the Whipple at this interactive evening for adults and young people. Learn how to spot a fake and uncover clues that identify criminal dealers and forgers. As in the art world, the business of creating a forgery of a historical scientific instrument is a lucrative one - who is responsible?

Curators and researchers at the Whipple have been exposing forgeries since the 1950s. At 6pm, join curator Dr. Joshua Nall to hear how research recently exposed fakes in our collection before uncovering more links in a network of forgers and dealers

Ages 15+, Drop in. Free.

1874 Greenwich Park observatory
1874 Observatory at Greenwich Park © National Maritime Museum.

Astronomy and Empire: Curator Talk

Friday 20 October, 13.00 - 14.00

Join Curator Dr. Joshua Nall as he speaks about our newest special exhibition, Astronomy and Empire, the first exhibition to inhabit our newly refurbished Special Exhibition Gallery. Gain an understanding of the realities and practicalities of science in the field as well as an insight into how field science was employed as a method to legitimise key aspects of British colonisation.

Ages 15+. Free but please arrive on time.

Activity at the Whipple
Want to stop a crook in their tracks? Make a fake at the Whipple. Image © Whipple Museum


Monday 23rd October, 11.00 - 16.00

Join detectives at the Whipple for this family hunt for fakes and forgeries in the museum galleries. Skilfully crafted instruments made by sneaky criminals have recently exposed by our top investigators - can you spot them? Learn how to spot an imposter and have a go at making your own criminal forgery to take home!

Families, all ages, Drop in. Free.

Botanical Gardens
A Festival of Light at the Botanical Gardens.

India Unboxed presents: The Festival of Light

Wednesday 25th October, 18.30-21.00

Spectacular light installations and Indian beats - come and celebrate Diwali with the University of Cambridge Museums at the Botanic Garden. Banish the autumn blues as we bring you India's festival of light with a twist.

The Whipple will join the University of Cambridge Museums as we investigate the beautiful tools and techniques that were used to help star-gazers understand the night sky in India.

Free, all ages. Tickets must be booked and are released on the 25th September.

For more information and tickets, see the India Unboxed: Festival of Light [] webpage.

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