Case Studies

an orrery in the display case on representations of the moon
Armillary sphere (Wh.0784) and lunarium (Wh.1850) in the Case Study Representations of the Moon. Image © Whipple Museum.

'Case Studies' bring the work of the Department of History and Philsophy of Science into the Museum. These are single display case exhibits produced by students and staff that provide an opportunity to present current research or an area of personal interest.

Usually, historians and philosophers communicate their work through papers and talks. The Case Studies provide a different, more visual, medium for sharing ideas, and visitors have the opportunity to learn about the work taking place within the Department. A wide variety of topics are presented, including imagery of the moon dating from the 17th to 19th centuries, a consideration of human understanding, and a study of the problems and successes in using instruments to interpret texts - and vice versa. The Case Studies series has inspired others to utilise the collection further and more case studies are in the advanced planning stages.

Case Studies that are currently on display in the Main Gallery:

Past Case Studies

Past case studies include the work of the instrument maker Elias Allen, the use of the blowpipe and the mapping of Australia during the 19th century.

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