Frogs and Physiological Instruments in 20th Century Cambridge

This section explores the history of the Cambridge Department of Physiology, focussing on two reccurring themes: frequent collaborations with instrument manufacturers, and a reliance on "the physiologist's little friend the frog," as A.V. Hill once described it, as a research specimen. The foundation of the Department created a demand for physiological instruments and thus a demand for a local instrument company. The Cambridge Scientific Instrument Company, created in 1881, addressed this need.

Early Cambridge Physiology and the Cambridge Scientific Instrument Company: This section presents the origins of the Cambridge Department of Physiology and the Cambridge Scientific Instrument Company and discusses the young Company's froggy physiological instruments, including several designed by Keith Lucas.

Seeing Frogs in New Ways: Sir Andrew Huxley and Interference Microscopy: This section features two physiological instruments that Sir Andrew Huxley designed for his research on frog muscles.

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