Exploring Whipple Museum Collections

You can discover more about the collections of the Whipple Museum of the History of Science through the following online resources:

Launch the Explore website.


The Whipple's Museum's Explore [/whipple/explore/] website lets you discover more about astronomical instruments, microscopes, teaching models and acoustical apparatus in the Museums collection through a mixture of articles, images and interactives.

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Explore the Whipple's special collections.

Special Collections

The Whipple Museum includes a number of special collections transferred from other colleges and departments in the University of Cambridge. Details of each collection can be found on the Special Collections page.

» Find out more about the Whipple Museum's Special Collections

Launch the Gallery Challenge website.

Gallery Challenge

Ever wanted to run your own Museum? Gallery Challenge lets you choose your own objects from the Whipple's collection, design your own case and research and write your own Museum labels! You can also find out more about doing it in real life with our Museum careers information.

» Play Gallery Challenge now [/whipple/gallerychallenge/]

Astronomical Images

It is generally acknowledged that astronomy was transformed in the early modern period through the invention of new instruments and techniques of observation, the introduction of new world systems, and the integration of mathematical astronomy with natural philosophy. The aim of this research project is to examine the little-known role of visual representations in this well-known transformation.

» Learn more about Astronomical Images [http://www.astronomicalimages.group.cam.ac.uk/]

Learn more about the Starry Messenger website.

Starry Messenger

This site was developed in 1999 as a teaching resource for students working on the history of astronomy. The site contains a wealth of useful information about instruments, themes and personalities important in the history of astronomy.

» Learn more about Starry Messenger [http://www.hps.cam.ac.uk/starry/]

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