Museum people

Young people who've worked at the Whipple Museum - including the experts you met researching your gallery - talk about what they do and how they got there.

Portrait of Boris

Boris started at the museum shifting boxes part-time. He's now at university in Leeds, and doing work experience in a national museum.

Portrait of George

George has spent the year creating this website. He's surprised at the range of interesting jobs museums offer.

Portrait of Jim

James ended up at the museum via university. He had a great time there and he quite likes it here too.

Portrait of Katie

Katie is now a curator at the British Museum. She's pleased that nowadays this means helping people enjoy the museum to the full.

Portrait of Kemal

Kemal did plenty of study and work in the museum, and has now moved succesfully into finance.

Portrait of Lisa

Lisa is in charge of the museum from day to day. She loves the variety of stuff she gets to do here.

Portrait of Nathanael

Nathanael has been doing work experience at the museum. He's 14, and now an expert on making real-life galleries.

Portrait of Ruth

Ruth enjoys the creative work she does here, like taking photos and devising ways to get visitors more involved.

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