Portrait of George


"There are lots of interesting jobs in museums I'd never thought about"

George has spent the last year creating this website.

I've done several different things since leaving university. I've worked for the government in London, taught English to teenagers in Italy, and done web design for various places.

As a kid I loved going to the Science Museum, pressing all the buttons, and watching things fall or spin or make sparks. Otherwise I've never been very interested in museums.

So when I joined the Whipple, it was mainly because I knew about web design and they were starting out on an exciting website project. It turns out there are lots of interesting jobs in museums - especially bigger museums - that I'd never thought about: web design, marketing, putting on events, outreach (getting people involved who might not otherwise visit), photography, graphic design and so on.

It's been a fun year. Because I've been responsible for a whole project from beginning to end, there's been a lot of different parts to it.

I hope you like the result.

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