Portrait of James


"There are so many things to do at university: sport, theatre, music, journalism..."

Like Ruth, Jim started working at the museum on a summer placement.

My placement involved checking where objects were in the stores. Handling the objects was a fun way to find out about them. We have to be careful, though, because they're often fragile, and we wear protective gloves because human skin is acidic and would damage them.

I'm now working on a project to develop a new website about some of our objects and the historical setting they were made and used in. I have to do research for this, so I'm learning new things all the time.

I first got interested in museums when I was doing my coursework at university, which was about fake scientific instruments. This was a chance to do something original on a topic of my choice. It was sometimes difficult, but I really enjoyed it.

I'm glad I went to university because I got the opportunity to work here, but also because there are so many other things to do there: sport, theatre, music, journalism... the list goes on.

I joined a basketball team, was the front and rear of a panto horse, played guitar at informal concerts, and got free gig tickets to review concerts for a student newspaper. Then there is the partying that students get up to!

The social life at university is great. There's always someone around looking to have some fun or just relax in the pub.

Activity links: Jim's face was the auctioneer's. Jim had info about the astrolabe and simple microscope on the phone.

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