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"If you think you might be interested in working in museums in the future it's a good idea to get some work experience"

Lisa has been at the museum for four years, and is now Collections Manager here.

My job is interesting because I get to work hands-on with our objects, and because every day is different.

My job title is Collections Manager. This means I manage our collection of objects so that they're kept in the best possible condition. This way they'll be available for people to study and enjoy well into the future.

But in a museum with not many staff, like the Whipple, the Collections Manager gets involved in more or less everything. One day I might be photographing an object and adding it to our database (the museum 'catalogue'); the next, I might be at an auction looking at new things we could buy for the museum, or arranging to loan an object to another museum for an exhibition.

I also put together new galleries for the public (as you can try doing on this site). And I write reports, and make applications for money from the government and other organisations that give grants. We rely on this money to care for our objects and to stay open, so this is an important part of my job.

I began working here four years ago, after I left university. My first degree was not very relevant to the work I now do in museums, but it taught me a lot of basic research skills which I have since used.

I've always wanted to work in museums, so while working here I've also been studying for another degree, in Museum Studies. Doing a degree on top of working has been hard, but has let me get a qualification and practical experience at the same time.

Experience is very important in trying to get a job in this field, so if you think you might be interested in working in museums in the future it's a good idea to get some work experience (like Nathanael, for example).

Activity links: Lisa provided general help, and had info about the planetarium and anatomical model on the phone.

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