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These pages contain information on using images from the Museum's website, and obtaining images of objects in the Museum's collection. They provide additional information to that given in our copyright notice, in response to enquiries received regarding image use.

Use of website images for educational purposes

All images on the Whipple Museum's website are copyright of the Whipple Museum of the History of Science, except where stated. If you would like to use an image from the Museum's website (where the copyright is held by the Museum), for non-commercial, educational use in a lecture, unpublished PhD thesis, school classroom or school project, we do not require that you contact us for permission. However, we appreciate being informed of any research that is relevant to our collection.

If you wish to use an image from our website for another purpose, or you require an image of an object in the collection that is not available on our website, you will need to request the image, as detailed below. Please note that charges will apply.

Users may not reproduce images from the Whipple Museum's website on any web pages (personal, commercial, or educational).

If an image has a credit to another organization, you must contact the image owner for permission to use the image. If no contact details are given for the owner, contact the Whipple Museum in the first instance.

Requesting images for study purposes or any other unpublished use

If you require a digital image of one of our objects for research or study purposes, or wish to request any other unpublished use of an image, please contact the museum at hps-whipple-museum at lists dot cam dot ac dot uk.

Please include in your email the following details:

We make a charge of £35 for supplying the first image, plus an additional charge for subsequent images dependent on how much staff time is required. Please contact us for an estimate of costs.

We do not have high quality digital images of all objects available in stock and new photography may be required.

Please read the information on how to order and pay for your images. If you have any questions, please contact the Museum.

Requesting permission to reproduce images

If you wish to reproduce an image of any object in the collection, including in a publication, television programme or other commercial format, please see our information on reproducing images.

Images from the Starry Messenger website

Images shown on the Starry Messenger [] website are taken from a number of sources. Unless otherwise credited, for use of images depicting scientific instruments please contact the Museum (hps-whipple-museum at lists dot cam dot ac dot uk) and for images and diagrams from books please contact the Whipple Library [].

If an image has a credit to another organization, you must contact the image owner for permission to use the image.

Photography within the Museum galleries

Visitors are permitted to take photographs (without flash or a tripod) in the galleries for their personal, educational use only. Photographs taken by visitors must not be reproduced or published in any form, including on the internet.

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