Post-16 Sessions

Older students at the Whipple
Older students at the Whipple Museum. Image © the Whipple Museum

Below are list of sessions designed for over 16s:

Darwin, Evolution and the Origin of Species

Key themes: Science and History

Age range: A-level and post-16

Using the collections housed at the Whipple Museum and Whipple Library, this gallery- taught session focuses on the impact and legacy of the theory of evolution by natural selection. It will also provide students with an insight into how science works, including Charles Darwin's engagement with the wider scientific community and the observational basis of his theory. As part of the session, students will have the opportunity to use a range of nineteenth and twentieth Century microscopes. This session is suitable for students at Key Stage 4 onwards and ideal for both the AQA and OCR GCSE and A-Level syllabuses.

Duration: 60 minutes. Break down of content: 15 minutes in galleries + 45 minute workshop

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